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We support quality education free of union driven social issues and return to parents rights, alternative schooling, and vouchers. The Kerwin Commission has been the States answer to Unions opposition to alternative venues for education.
For two years a commission headed by former University of Maryland Chancellor William Kirwan studied the state’s schools in an effort to chart a course forward. Its conclusion was that Maryland needs to spend an additional $3.8 billion a year.

Maryland presently spends more than $15,000 per year per student, 9th highest in the nation. Even so, on standardized tests, only 42% of Maryland elementary students were found to be proficient in English and just 34% in math.

The Kirwan Commission, like earlier studies, also found a large gap between white and Asian achievement and that of black and Hispanic students. Efforts to channel more state aid to charter schools, which have been successful in closing the gap, have been stymied by Democrats who continue to bow to the teachers’ unions who don’t want competition from non-union charter schools.

The Kirwan Commission’s proposed 34% teacher pay raise would put the average Maryland teacher’s salary at $93,000 a year, $10,000 ahead of New York, the current number one. What Maryland students are getting for their parent’s money other than Critical Race Theory and other leftist cant is an unanswered question.

By authority LD-15 PAC
Gary Featheringham, Treasurer
Getting There From Here

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